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Lilly Ford struts into the apartment where Bambino is working out wearing just a bra and thong. She’s completely revved on by watching her bf do pushups. Peeling off her bra, she plays with her pointy puffies. Then she thrusts her undergarments to the side to slide her thumbs down the lubricious slit of her big cunny.Bambino attempts to finish his workout, but when Lilly starts tugging in front of him the seduction is almost too much to cub. Then she rearranges herself so that she is totally underneath him, and Bambino lets her have her way. She guides his stiffie into her taut cunt, and then whinges with excitement as he holds himself up on his strenuous forearms to screw her just the way she wants.Readjusting his posture so that Lilly’s legs are on his shoulders, Bambino sets a rhythm that is absolutely pleasuring to both of them. The cute spinner is even more thrilled when her boyfriend arches her knees back to knead her mammories so that his angle of foray is deeper than ever. With that fresh position, Bambino’s thrusts are still slow, but hammer all the right spots. When he eventually embarks speeding up his wanks, Bambino can’t help a nod of satisfaction at the way Lilly wriggles beneath him. She gets larger even more vocal when Bambino turns her around so that he can press his hardon deep into her shaved cootchie. When he begins pulverizing away fast enough to make her diminutive udders shake, her ejaculation is almost breath-taking with its force. He doubles down on that sploog of pleasure by bending forward to celebrate on her throbbing cootchie.Switching things up, Bambino spins onto his back and wraps his arms around Lilly as she climbs on top and sinks down until she is downright impaled on his penetrate beef whistle. Her stiffie ride is naughty and nasty as she works her thighs in a primal pace. Only after she has climaxed again does Lilly ultimately decide she’s had enough.Urging Bambino to his soles, Lilly spurts to her knees in front of him and opens her throat for an enthusiastic FELLATIO. She uses her mitts to stroke as she works her way up to a full-on suck off. Bambino likes the suction for as lengthy as he can, but ultimately he dumps off to give Lilly a jizz facial cumshot of salty love.

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Seductive babe Jill Kassidy cleans the mansion in brief shorts and a flog top with no boulder-holder. Her wagging thighs and appetizing singing attract Tyler Nixon’s attention. Approaching her, he makes his intentions known with a deep kiss that causes Jill to lead him to the sofa.Laying Tyler down, Jill smooches her way down his bod and then tugs his jeans down until his hardon springs free. She takes him in her jaws, deep-throating and stroking for the ultimate enjoyment. Tyler can’t keep his hands out of Jill’s hair as she indulges in a DEEP HATCH that leaves her showcasing every evidence of true sheer pleasure.Turning the tables on Jill, Tyler urges his suntanned paramour onto her back. As she opens up her legs, he pulls her shorts to the side and samples her shaved twat with a long slurp of his tongue. Liking what he tastes, Tyler divests Jill of her shorts and then settles in for a full-on cunt feast where he engulfs every bit of her cream-colored mayo.Adjusting his stance on the couch, Tyler rises to his knees and slips his salami up and down the smoothness of Jill’s coochie before pressing himself all the way inside. When he is seated sack of babymakers deep in Jill’s appetizing labia, he takes his time pumping for both of their elation. Jill’s groans are a chorus of happiness that crams the apartment as Tyler works his sexual magic on her needy figure.When Tyler seats himself on the bed, Jill takes the initiative to impale herself on his rigid dildo. She moves her hips leisurely at first, lovin’ the sensing of absolute fullness as Tyler meets her every push with one of his own. Then she crushes off a insatiable stiffie ride that gets her pointy breasts bouncing!Dropping forth onto her knees, Jill chokes with blessing as Tyler takes her from behind. The doggie-style cunt plumbing is just what she needs to finally get off, and before long she has wailed her ejaculation fulfillment. Tyler is right behind her, releasing a moment later to adorn Jill’s bootie in jism before bending forth to suggest deep smooches and a final boob rubdown.