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Busty Paula has a secret for her love Dan. She takes the time to get herself nicely made up, then struts up the stairs to where Dan is working. She joins him in his office, then leisurely unbuttons the zipper on her jacket to reveal that she’s only wearing a kickass bra and matching panty beneath. Strutting forward in her high high-heeled footwear, she offers her culo to Dan so he can squash and spank the 2 jugs before leading him back downstairs.Once they have relocated to the living room, Paula unclothes her boulder-holder and helps Dan out of his clothes. He takes the time to feast on his love’s bountiful massive funbags, then glides his arm down her vapid tummy to lodge on her super-steamy snatch underneath her lingerie. Reacting to Dan’s unspoken command, Paula gets on the sofa on her knees so he can glide her g-string down and bury his face in her jummy beaver.When Dan rises onto his knees and replaces his tongue with his fat stiffie, Paula chokes in delectation. Her thighs rock backwards to meet Dan stroke for stroke. As elation overpowers her, she leans forward and lifts her bottom even higher for deeper invasion and a long, languorous ejaculation.Taking a seat on the sofa, Dan drains Paula’s back as she leans in to grab the root of his trunk and slip her mouth over the tip. She bobs her head in lengthy slow bj’s as her palm gropes Dan’s pouch and chisel. When Dan’s palm creeps down to bowl the heat of Paula’s fantasy, she rocks her hips in time to his personal fondles while continuing her oral exploration of his faux-cock.Shifting so that he is on his side spooning behind Paula, Dan reenters her cock-squeezing heat. They keep things slow and constant as Dan rocks his hips. He lil’ by lil’ speeds up as Paula lets him know with her yells and her bod language that she’s well-prepped to cum. When he ultimately succeeds, he takes the time to lap at her huge nipples and run his fingertips over her tummy as she recovers from the delight.Climbing into Dan’s lap, Paula glides down onto her bf’s pulverize spear. Bouncing up and down as her thick hooters wiggle, Paula rails him like her individual steed. The pose is ideal for Paula, who throws her head back as she explodes once again. Moments afterwards, Dan heads after her over the precipice of ecstasy as he gluts her with a creampie of torrid salty enjoy.