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Dressed in hip high tights and lingerie that highlights every curve, Katy Rose and Sybil can’t keep their palms or lips off of one another. Leading Katy to the dining apartment table, Sybil arches her lover over to reveal every inch of her donk and delicate cooch. Helping Katy out of her thong, Sybil takes the opportunity to press her fingers deep into her girlfriend’s cock-squeezing envelope before diving in face first-ever.Using her tongue and mushy lips, Sybil drives Katy mischievous with lust. Katy’s dribbling coochie splooge are the brilliant lube for Sybil’s frigs as she proceeds to work them in and out. When Sybil opens up Katy’s buns for even nicer access to her lover’s twat with first her hatch and then her thumbs, Katy can’t help but gyrate her thighs at the spike of ecstasy that leaves her breathless.Changing things up, Katy peels Sybil’s brassiere off and adores the perkiness of her gentle jugs. Shifting her attention lower, Katy relieves Sybil of her panties and then presses her back to thin against the kitchen counter. Pulling down to her knees, she spurts a gentle kiss on Sybil’s landing unwrap mound before reaching forth with gifted palms to caress along her girlfriend’s hungry pussy.Wanting to give Sybil an even deeper elation, Katy urges her paramour to turn around and hop onto the counter. This fresh position puts Sybil’s cootchie at the perfect height for Katy to lightly give it a few more swipes with her tongue and then slide her frigs fist deep. Soon Sybil is shamelessly rocking back and forth in time with Katy’s drains, enjoying everything about the way her mammories shiver with every motility.Flipping onto her back, Sybil opens up her thighs wide so that Katy can locate her steamy spot. Using a come-here maneuverability, Katy massages that exclusive spot to leave Sybil squealing with rapture. As her figure resumes to flutter with aftershocks, Sybil switches catches sight of with Katy and puts her throat to work one last time to guarantee that her lover has a 2nd climax to complete off their afternoon of love.

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Raul Costa and his girlfriend Lucy Heart have their lips locked as they pamper in long smooches. Unknown to them, Suzy Rainbow is standing on the sidelines with her mitt down her sheer underpants as she enjoys the show. When Lucy notices Suzy, she nods her paramour closer to surprise Raul with a scorching 3some.The 2 femmes exchange deep smooches before letting Raul get back into the action. They smile as he eases each of them of their brassieres, and join Raul in teasing and one another’s breasts. Once they’ve gotten Raul out of his clothes, Lucy takes the lead in engulfing his rock hard pecker in her hot jaws. Suzy takes over where Lucy leaves off, joining her gf as they take turns licking and deep throating Raul’s stiffie. With horny smirks on both of their faces, the women pull away from, their dual suck off. They total off their high stilettos and lean back on the bed. Then, they each reach out with their stocking-clad feet to wrap Raul’s hardon in textured warmth of their feet masturbating his pipe and playing with his nut sack.Their posture makes it easy for Raul to play with each of their honeypots underneath their undies as they tease his manstick. Knowing she wants more, Lucy is the very first to peel off her lingerie while Suzy quickly follows suit. While Lucy continues deep-throating Raul’s salami, Suzy positions her pearly pussy over his face. As soon as Raul is distracted by feasting on the brunette’s coochie, Lucy takes advantage and wags her leg over his thigh so she can impale herself on his drill stick and go for a ride.Switching things up, Suzy gets on her forearms and knees while Raul postures himself behind her so he can take her in a from the rear gash nailing. Her chokes and groans fill the room, but are shortly muffled when Lucy slides down beneath her face. With her concentrate split inbetween Raul’s rock hard manstick lot driving her cock-squeezing hole and her frigs working Lucy’s shell, Suzy needs something more to jizz. Raul knows just what to do; bending forward, he strokes his tongue along Suzy’s butt-hole in a move that leaves the brunette boneless with delight.Still on her side, Lucy raises one leg when Raul spoons behind her so he can reenter her delicate glove. His long jacks are just what Lucy needs to erupt with sensation. Moments later, Raul sinks into Suzy’s honeypot one last time. As she reaches the pinnacle of her gusto, Raul reaches the end of stamina. Unleashing, he decorates Suzy’s tummy and torso in spunk that Lucy is anxious to lap up and snowball with her gf.