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Decked out in sheer lingerie that includes a hooter-sling, panty, and hip high pantyhose with a garter belt, Megan Sage waits for Johnny Castle to get home from work. When he eventually arrives and finds his gf wrapped up like a bounty and waiting for him, he wastes no time in pressing his lips to Megan’s for a deep smooch. Moments afterward, he has pressed Megan gently back onto the sofa so that he can press his mouth to the tip of her thighs while house her anticipation.When Johnny eventually slips his tongue to the heart of Megan’s craving, her heart instantaneously picks up the pace. Her bare puss pulses with enlivenment when Johnny pulls her g-string aside and then truly heads to work with his facehole. Her vagina is soon nice and sleek and pulsating with fervor for something a lil’ more gonzo.Eagerly helping Johnny out of his clothes, Megan is prompt to feast on her lover’s pecker. Johnny isn’t about to stop his scorching girlfriend from wrapping her sensitive lips around his head, nor is he about to make complaints as Megan likes herself eating his ballsack. When she gets lost enough in her DT that she can stop blowing his hardon, Johnny feels like he has gone gay-for-pay to heaven.Swinging one leg over Johnny’s hips, Megan uses her forearm to guide his stiffie to the entrance to her fuckhole, and then slips down once he is properly placed. The pose puts her mammories right in Johnny’s face as she works her hips, increasing both of their delight. It’s not long before Megan is so into her rail that she is juggling at away at a breakneck tempo.Swapping catches sight of with Johnny, Megan finds herself on her back with her boyfriend once again feasting on her boy meat greedy honeypot. After a few exquisite moments of vulva licking, Johnny tantalizes Megan with a few wanks of his hard-on along her joy button before sliding home once again. Her fragile screams of sensation are music to his ears, guiding him as he fucks her with slow jacks.Next, Megan gets up on her palms and knees so that Johnny can tease her chocolate-colored sphincter with his tongue before getting back to work. Pressing back into her fragile crevice, Johnny grips Megan’s hips to anchor himself and then goes to town working her delightful cooch. Even after Johnny tries to slow down, Megan demands that the tempo lingers hasty and mad as she thrusts herself backwards again and again onto Johnny’s hardon.Doggy fashion is just what Megan needs to get off, but she knows that Johnny hasn’t had the pleasure yet! Tearing off down to squat at Johnny’s soles, she uses her palms and facehole to bring him to the verge. When Johnny can’t wait another moment, he packs Megan’s eager facehole with a shot of jism that she happily tongues off and swallows with a smirk on her face. At the end, he gives Megan’s vulva one last licking to give her a final ejaculation.

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A pair of do me high high-heeled footwear are the completing fumble to Naomi Bennett’s evening apparel. Her tee-shirt microskirt can’t hide the curve of her bootie when she sits, and the velvety material of the dress is a enjoyment to run her arms across. When she spies Nick Ross watching her, she nods him close and smiles as he relieves her of the shoes while pulling down kisses across her soles.Lifting her skirt to uncover that she isn’t wearing any lingerie, Naomi falls back onto the couch with a breathe as Nick arches forward. When he presses his face to her naked cooter, she can’t help but moan with gusto. His long eats are coupled with slow pressure from his questing thumbs, much to Naomi’s enjoyment.After peeling off her sundress, Naomi gets on her mitts and knees so that she is in a position of force above Nick. Pulling his stiffie close, she wraps her puffy lips around the tip and begins fellating. The slow jacks of her jaws are the perfect make-out. When she gets her palm going milking Nick’s knob, he is shortly rock-hard and prepped to go.Curling up together so that they are spooning, the duo comes together at last. Naomi luvs this pose for Nick’s lengthy strokes and the way his forearms can paw her perky boobies. It’s even better when she reaches down to caress her pearl until she reaches her very first climax.Getting on her hands and knees, Naomi thrusts her donk into the air so that Nick can slide into her from behind. His doggy-style poon penetrating is deep and slow at highly first. Then his strokes speed up until he finds a breakneck rhythm that leaves them both breathlessly satiated. Climbing into Nick’s lap, Naomi guides her beau’s stiffie so that he is once again sunk to the hilt. She rocks leisurely, enjoying the sense of her mounds bouncing as she rails her intimate steed. Reaching forward to once again knead her own bud, Naomi makes sure to dual down on her own pleasure until her whole figure pulses with rapture.Wanting Nick to know the same joy that she has experienced, Naomi lays down on the couch beside him and begins inhaling and stroking. Her work is rewarded when Nick reaches down to finger her thirsty snatch so that she can continue to ride her orgasmic high. When he reaches the edge of his orgasm, Naomi latches her lips around the head of his chisel, and then luvs the shot of spunk that cascades down her facehole as she brings him down mildly with tastey eats.