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A night of fervor embarks with a confident mood, as Victoria Pure and Larry Steel are well aware. They both sundress the part, with Victoria sporting an evening sundress and Larry wearing a adorable button-down tee-shirt. As Larry passes Victoria a glass of champagne, Victoria is rapid to let him know that she wants something a tiny more carnal.Dropping to her knees, Victoria is hasty to reach for Larry’s stiffie. When he unbuttons his pans so she can reach her prize, Victoria wraps her mitt around the root to stroke. She arches forth, opening her hatch to place widemouthed smooches along Larry’s sausage. Then she dives in to love a long and sultry suck off with bunch wanking and deep throating.Guiding Victoria to the sofa, Larry helps her onto her knees so he cans slip her sundress down her sunburn, skinny figure. Her g-string ensues the fabric down to splash at her soles, leaving Victoria in just her high heels. With no extra impediments between him and his prize, Larry is free to put his thumbs and jaws to work taunting Victoria’s cootchie and butt with mild smooches and strokes that stretch her mayo everywhere.Rising to his feet, Larry gives Victoria’s bottom one more pat and then guides his hardon deep into her round shell. Victoria’s gasp of elation is unspoiled permission for Larry to take her as hard as his hips can move. Wriggling her bottom, Victoria strings up on for the ultimate orgasmic payoff of her gonzo ride.Taking over Victoria’s spot on the stool, Larry sits down while his lover seats herself on top of him. As soon as she’s fully punctured, she makes a few experimental shoves with her hips. Then she perches her high heels on the tabouret for better leverage so she can go for a breakneck stiffie ride as Larry holds her steady. As Victoria comes down from the high of her orgasm, she sinks into the embrace of the chair with one gam restrained high in the air to let her lover keep up his vulva romping. Larry takes it down a notch as he brings Victoria to another apex. Then he speeds up as he reaches his own conclude line. When he can no longer hold back, he pours out inwards Victoria’s hungry fuckhole to pack her with a inner money-shot of love.