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Gia Paige and Tyler Nixon are loving a meeting night complete with movies and popcorn. When Tyler gets a lump of popcorn stuck between Gia’s cupcakes, things get a tiny bit warm. Soon the flick is fully forgotten as the duo makes out on the couch. When Tyler slides his hand up Gia’s micro-skirt and senses her heat beneath her g-string, he knows that he won’t be content until he gets more. It’s not lengthy before Gia’s shirt is on the floor so that Tyler can adore her small fun bags and perky nipples with his caressing palms and his steamy gullet. When Tyler’s forearms creep down to once again hoist Gia’s microskirt and slide her thong to the side, she can’t contain her mushy breathe of enjoyment. His fingertips home in on her delight button, the center of her pleasure, and embark fondling. Rising to her feet, Gia urges Tyler to relocate to the bedroom where she sheds her thong so that he can have unrestricted access to her hungry pussy. Her landing unwrap twat is already wet and mammary with excitement when Tyler dives in with his magic tongue. When he replaces his facehole with his gifted thumbs, they glide lightly into Gia’s mancum packed cooch.Rising onto her mitts and knees, Gia smiles as she movies her tongue along the head of Tyler’s stiffie. He holds still as she explores his lollipop with her torrid tongue, and then ultimately takes him totally into her hatch. Munching and gargling, Gia does whatever it takes to make her beau rock hard and blessed. Flipping onto her back, Gia stretches her thighs to open herself for Tyler to thrust deep inside. He sates her initial urges with long masturbates that increase in size deeper when Gia spins her legs to the side. That individual position is satisfying, but Tyler wants something deeper. It’s not long before he has Gia up on her hands and knees for a decent puss penetrating.Tyler’s concerted efforts for Gia’s gusto pay off as he brings her off with a lengthy squeal of rapture. Tyler makes sure that Gia rides out every last moment of her climax by using his mouth to make her climax last as lengthy as possible. Only then does he complete himself off by working his hardon in Gia’s throat one last time until he frosts Gia’s face in scorching cum.