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When Angel Smalls and Lucie Cline wake up together, the morning is instantaneously off to a superb embark. The ladies are clad in just hooter-slings and underpants, making it effortless for Angel to witness what she’s doing as she kisses Lucie’s bottom to wake her. When Lucie stirs, Angel rolls her kisses to the brunette’s lips.Their lovemaking embarks with gentle rubs as Angel divests Lucie of her hooter-sling. Bending forward, Angel vids her tongue via one puffy nip while using her mitt to taunt the other into hardness. Lucie isn’t timid about returning the favor, feasting on Angel’s fleshy boobs after unhooking her girlfriend’s boulder-holder. Just Lucie’s rub leaves Angel ultra-kinky as hell, so she glides her lingerie to the side so she can touch her own enjoyment button in a way that tempts them both.Urging Angel onto her arms and knees, Lucie takes up the mantle of vag have fun. She pulls the material aside to lap at Angel’s cootchie, mixing her saliva with Angel’s sleek testicle tonic. As Angel gets taller wetter than ever, Lucie substitutes her gullet with 2 thumbs in a vag frigging that leaves Angel rocking her thighs back to meet each stroke. The enhanced eagerness leaves Lucie able to fit an additional two fingers in so that she is practically sinking her forearm in Angel’s greedy honeypot. Angel doubles down on her own delectation when Lucie backs off a bit, adding two of her own frigs in addition to two of Lucie’s. When Lucie flips Angel’s lingerie down, Angel’s whole figure dollars with delectation at the result of Lucie’s unrestricted access to her clit and crevice.Eager to give Lucie the same level of arousal she has just luved, Angel urges the black-haired onto her back and then helps her out of her underpants. Bending forward, she buries her face in Lucie’s clean-shaven cooter. Her tongue homes in on Lucie’s jewel while her frigs alternate between touching Lucie’s white-hot cunny and stroking her own. Angel’s twat celebrate is heavy and won’t stop until Lucie is squirming beneath her.As her assets hums with the arousal that Angel has created, Lucie knows that she’s not done giving yet. She pulls Angel backwards until her girlfriend’s naked pussy hovers over her face. With such a bounty within reach, Lucie can’t wait to go cooch diving. Angel lets Lucie know with fleshy gasps and noisy squeals just what she enjoys, guiding her lover in a sugary-sweet, voluptuous way.When Lucie arches forward to give rapture even as she receives it, Lucie spreads her hips even farther. Their Sixty nine is deeply satisfying for both femmes as they go to town feasting on each other’s snatches. The moment Angel realizes her ultimate bliss, tho, she shifts onto her back to put Lucie on top so that she can concentrate downright on her spinner lover.Anchoring her hands on Lucie’s thighs, Angel goes back to work with her jaws. She won’t stop until the brunette comes flying apart in her hands, but Lucie is a selfless paramour. Bending forth, she slides her palm up and down Angel’s beaver before dipping 2 fingers in for another finger tear up. That position does it for both gals, and as they find their final sheer pleasure one after another they know that they are eventually sated. Interchanging one last kiss, they cuddle in each other’s palms.

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