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For many of us, watching porn on our computer is fine and all, but the quality isn’t quite as good as it is on a television. The difference is that the quality of the video on our computer is the same as the quality we’d see if someone was streaming it to us as it happens as opposed to watching it as a movie on a TV.

There are a number of factors that make this difference in quality, but the most important one is that our eyes are generally not as good as a TV’s and our brains can’t process the images very well. It’s like comparing a 16-bit computer with a 24-bit computer, they are both just bits of data, but one looks better than the other.

As far as the brain is concerned, watching a porn video on a television is like watching it in real life. While we still might not be able to put ourselves in the place of a women getting fucked, the experience is still remarkably similar.

This makes it very difficult to distinguish between the porn you watch and the porn you get in real life, which makes it incredibly easy to get carried away and actually start to believe that what you are watching is actually happening to you. There’s a reason that the porn industry has a hard time policing themselves and keeping everyone from getting into a lot of trouble, they can’t really control what’s happening within the virtual world of their movies.

That is where the technology of HD TV comes in and with it you can be rest assured that you are going to be seeing the same thing that the actress is getting on camera, except it will be a lot more accurate than what you would see without the high definition.

That’s why you are going to get a better picture when you watch a porn video on your TV as opposed to on your laptop or mobile device, because the resolution is going to be much higher and it will be a lot better quality. There’s also a lot more color which makes it easier to really see what is going on, because there is just so much more to see.

This is especially important if you are into the more hardcore porn, because the women in it are just so beautiful that it’s hard to resist watching them get fucked. You can’t get that kind of detail on your phone or tablet, because it would just make the images look blurry and pixelated.