It’s a common trope in porn to introduce the performer as being a virgin, but a lot of them weren’t. So, a few years back, we asked a few industry insiders to tell us some of the most famous virgin performers.

It had to be a girl, right? It was only a matter of time before the porn production industry took a turn in the direction of lesbian sex. What girl wouldn’t want to get on camera and get fucked? Not only did it make the industry more accessible to more people, it also gave people a new reason to check out porn in general.

With the porn industry growing and becoming increasingly popular so was the number of lesbian porn scenes. The first lesbian porn scene to be released was in the 90’s with the appearance of the film, Lesbian Sex and it was a huge hit. It’s not like you need any more reasons to check out some lesbian porn, but it is nice to see that we are still seeing a lot more of them.

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